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Are young men more likely to read their phones while driving?

Distracted driving can cause serious injury to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Even if you look at your phone for just a second, that's all it takes for a driver to veer the opposite direction or miss the moment they need to break.

When you think about a distracted driver behind the wheel, your first thought may be of a teenage girl texting or Snapchatting her friends irresponsibly. And while that likely does happen, this may not fit the profile of most distracted drivers.

Study emphasizes link between shift work and drowsy driving

In addition to disrupting the sleep-wake cycle and heightening the risk for conditions like heart disease, shift work can increase drowsiness even during daytime commutes. In Texas and across the U.S., more than 9.5 million people work night shifts or rotational shifts, making drowsy driving a public health hazard.

To determine just how dangerous drowsy driving can be, researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital conducted a study involving 16 night shift workers. The workers participated in two driving sessions on a closed driving track: one after they had slept an average of 7.6 hours and the other immediately after their shift was over.

Car accident fatalities rise again in 2016

The number of people killed in automobile accidents around the country increased again in 2016 according to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and this should worry Texas motorists. Road deaths began falling in 2007 and reached their lowest point in 2014, but the federal safety watchdog reports that they have now risen alarmingly for two consecutive years. Distracted driving and an epidemic of cellphone use behind the wheel was blamed for the surge in accident fatalities a year ago, but the number of deadly distracted driving crashes actually fell by 2.2 percent in 2016.

According to the NHTSA report, 37,461 lives were lost on America's roads in 2016. This figure represents a 5.6 percent increase over the 2015 death toll and comes at a time when automobiles are safer than ever and often feature autonomous systems that are designed to anticipate and prevent crashes.

Recall for possible brake defect affects 700,000 vehicles

Texas residents who are concerned about vehicle safety may want to know about a recall that affects more than 700,000 sport-utility vehicles in North America. According to parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, approximately 21,000 of these vehicles are located in Mexico and about 42,000 in Canada. An estimated 646,000 recalled vehicles are registered to owners who live in the United States, traveling roadways that span the nation.

The 2017 recall follows an earlier recall in 2014 that targeted the same group of vehicles. At that time, the automaker attempted to correct a defect that allowed water to compromise the braking system in 2011- through 2014-model-year Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs. Subsequently, the improper installation of brake booster shields that were intended to correct the problem may have further degraded brake function in some of the affected vehicles.

Acknowledging the collision in your mind

Highway accidents occur on two levels - on the road and in your head. The physical injury can be nasty - but what happens emotionally can make it even worse.

If you were seriously injured, you must get to trauma care and have your medical needs addressed. Over time, however, you may have to address these negative feelings:

CarMax vehicles may have Takata airbags in them

Texas residents who are planning to buy a car from CarMax may be buying a faulty vehicle. After researching the recall status of 1,700 vehicles at eight CarMax locations in three different states, it was discovered that there were 461 vehicles with at least one outstanding recall. Of those vehicles, 41 had recalls in which there was no repair available.

Furthermore, there were 45 vehicles out of the 1,700 studied that had airbags made by Takata Corp. that had not yet been repaired. The faulty airbags could put drivers at risk of being hurt. Although CarMax was criticized for selling cars with unresolved recalls, it is only illegal to sell new cars that have not been fixed after a recall.

About vehicle defects and recalls

At some point in time, Texas drivers may receive notice that their vehicle has been recalled. While this may feel like an inconvenience for those who believe that their vehicle is running just fine, it is extremely important that drivers bring their vehicles in to get the potential safety defect fixed.

Since 1966, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that more than 390 million vehicles, 66 million pieces of automobile equipment, 42 million child safety seats and 46 million tires have been recalled. These vehicle recalls were started after a safety-related defect was found. Safety-related defects, such as wiring system problems, wheels that are susceptible to cracking and fuel system component problems, can cause car accidents that result in injuries or even deaths. Because millions of vehicles use the same components, recalls are used to get those potentially dangerous components off the road.

A majority of 18-34 year olds say they can text and drive safely

A whopping 62 percent of drivers between the ages of 18 and 34 said in a recent survey that they are either very confident or somewhat confident in their ability to safely text while driving. At the same time, 64 percent acknowledged that texting or looking at a phone is the most common cause of distracted driving accidents.

Luckily, the percentage of those who were confident in their texting-and-driving skills was lower among drivers generally -- but not by nearly enough. Thirty-four percent of over 1,000 insured drivers surveyed said they were either very or somewhat confident.

Protecting Your Rights And Moving Toward Recovery - Steps To Take After An Auto Accident

The open road has long been an exciting and central part of American culture, but it certainly comes with some serious risks. If you find yourself caught up in a serious auto accident, you're likely to experience the downside of that freedom in a very serious way, and you might find yourself looking around for important answers.

What You Need to Know about Personal Injury

An accident causing personal injury is a major disruption to your life. Not only are there medical needs caused by the accident, but also the financial aspect needs attention. Absences from work to recover from the injury impacts your income. There are hospital bills coming due and insurance deductibles to be paid. Doctor visits require rescheduling work or other obligations. Is there anything that is not affected?One often-overlooked area is the emotional trauma acquired through the accident. Think for a second-you have been traumatized and might even still be in a form of shock and having difficulty processing the accident. Your world is upside down and things you took for granted now seem almost unimportant in the face of a life and death experience. How do you move past this time?The Law Offices of Roberto Salazar understands how you feel and wants to support you through this difficult time with legal counseling and services; please, call us today.

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