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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in McAllen TX

Motorcycles are often difficult to see when they’re on the road. With so many people already distracted when they’re driving, accidents can easily occur. No matter the type of motorcycle accident you’re involved in, let the Law Office of Roberto Salazar in McAllen, TX take the stress from you by dealing with the insurance companies. Let our motorcycle accident attorney assess your case. Here are just a few types of cases we handle:
  •     Roadway hazards or debris that has dropped from vehicles that caused injury
  •     Collisions
  •     Speeding Cars
  •     Distracted driving or texting while driving
  •     Driving under the influence of alcohol (DWI), or licit or illicit drugs
Potential Injuries and Issues You May Suffer
Riding a motorcycle can be more exciting and fun than being in a car, but there are more potential problems, even when you’re very careful and wear protective gear. Because drivers don’t have the protection of a steel frame of a car, they face more devastating injuries, including fatalities. If you have a wrongful death claim, we have a lawyer who will work with you. Talk to us if you’ve experienced any of the following:

  •     Brain and spinal injuries
  •     Broken bones
  •     Soft tissue injuries
  •     Wounds
  •     Burns