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Truck Accident Attorney in McAllen TX | 18-Wheeler | Rig Crash Lawyers

truck accidents

Those who drive a tractor-trailer on the road are subject to rules and regulations that only apply to professional individuals. The Law Office of Roberto Salazar in McAllen Texas can provide the knowledge of an experienced truck accident attorney that will help you get the compensation you need after an accident on the road.
Truck accidents have many different causes. We know how to navigate the terrain and get to the root of the problem. We look at all the factors of an accident, including:

  •     The number of hours the driver had been on the road.
  •     Maintenance logs of the truck.
  •     Load factors, from proper weight to balance.
  •     Many other issues specific to a semi.
Potential Issues Can Include Liability
Determining liability after a truck accident is not always cut and dried – you need a lawyer who understands. Any number of factors could have contributed to the issue, from the customer who contracted the load to the company that owns the big rig. It takes a certain approach to determine who should be held responsible in order to provide compensation for your injuries. When you work with our team, we don’t charge you a fee unless you receive a settlement.