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Most of us take it for granted that when we get into the car we will get to where we are going safely. Usually that is true, but it only takes a single violent crash to become terribly hurt to the point of permanent disability or death.

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We are the Law Office of Roberto Salazar. Since 1989, we have represented victims of motor vehicle accidents throughout the Rio Grande Valley. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury at the hands of a bad driver, turn to us to get the justice you deserve.

We handle all variety of auto accidents, including:

Many severe car accidents happen because of a driver who is intoxicated or distracted. As a result, people in Texas suffer brain injuries, spinal injuries, burns and other horrific harm. Besides greatly reducing your quality of life and limiting your independence, a catastrophic personal injury can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in emergency medical services, ongoing doctors' care and rehabilitation, to name just a few expenses.

Our attorneys understand the emotional toll a rising pile of bills can take. We will use our decades of combined personal injury experience to work toward maximum compensation. We are equally strong as negotiators and as litigators, so you can rest assured of a satisfying result.

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