It's not always the drunk driver who pays the price

Every choice each Texas resident makes while driving impacts others, not just that driver. The same concept applies to the choice that impaired individuals make when they get behind the wheels of their cars when they shouldn't. In that moment, a drunk driver makes the choice to put the lives of everyone on the road at risk.

When he or she sat down and had that first drink, it set in motion a sequence of events that could end in death and serious injury — not always for the drunk driver. In many cases, innocent men, women and children pay the price for that driver's selfishness. The fact is that drunk driving crashes are entirely preventable by simply not driving after drinking.

You may find these facts interesting

Nearly 29 people die every day in the United States in accidents involving a drunk driver. For the year 2016, that equated to 10,497 needless deaths. That number doesn't even include the number of injuries suffered in these crashes. According to information gathered in 2016, 14 percent of those drivers were women and 21 percent were men.

What you can do to help reduce those numbers

You may be among the many people who like to have a drink or two with dinner or when out with friends or family. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you act responsibly. Below are some steps you can take whether you are drinking or someone else is:

  • Don't drive after even one drink.
  • Call a cab, a friend, a family member or an Uber to get you home.
  • Don't let a friend or family member drive after drinking.
  • Call the police if you see an erratically moving vehicle.

You may save a life, including your own, by taking these simple steps. The inconvenience of retrieving your vehicle the next day or waiting for someone to pick you up is negligible compared to the devastation caused by collisions.

You did everything right, but someone else didn't

Even if you do whatever is necessary to keep a drunk driver off the road, including yourself, that doesn't mean someone else will. If a drunk driver slammed into your vehicle and caused you serious injuries or the death of someone you love, your life may never be the same.

No one can turn back time and stop the driver from getting behind the wheel, but there may still be something you can do. You may exercise your right to file a civil claim against that driver in the pursuit of the compensation you deserve for your financial losses and other damages.

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