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Cellphones and passengers a twin threat to drivers

Most people know that using a cellphone while behind the wheel is distracting and, in many states, illegal. Texas forbids the use of hand-held cellphones in school crossing zones and has a texting ban for all drivers while some states will allow cellphone use only among drivers over 18. There is a diversity of opinion as to how much distraction is allowable, in what areas and in how experienced of a driver.

CVSA schedules 2018 International Roadcheck

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance designates a 72-hour period for a nationwide inspection spree in order to enforce commercial truck and bus safety compliance. This year, the International Roadcheck has been scheduled for June 5 through June 7. Truckers in Texas will want to be prepared because an average of 15 commercial vehicles are inspected each minute across the U.S. during the Roadcheck.

Don't ask "if" there's a drunk driver on the road, ask "where"

Chances are very minimal that you avoid drunk drivers every time you travel Texas roadways. The reality is that you likely encounter them quite often, most times without even realizing they are nearby. Considering the fact that the Centers for Disease Control states that someone in the United States dies every 48 minutes because of drunk driving, and also that one-third of all collisions involve intoxicated drivers, it's easy to understand how likely it is that you have crossed paths with drunk drivers more than once.

The nature of soft tissue injuries

Soft tissues are those non-bony parts of the body like the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Drivers in Texas should know that injuries to the soft tissues are common in car collisions, as the impact and sudden braking will jolt the body back and forth to the point of straining, spraining, and tearing. These injuries usually give rise to symptoms like aches and pain, inflammation, and bleeding. Others may experience a loss of function in their limbs.

2 Texans seriously injured by falling rebar

According to a spokesperson for the San Antonio Police Department, two workers were seriously injured and two others received minor injuries in a construction site accident. The victims were working at a Texas Department of Transportation site on Feb. 2 near the intersection of Loop 410 with U.S. 90.

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