Don't ask "if" there's a drunk driver on the road, ask "where"

Chances are very minimal that you avoid drunk drivers every time you travel Texas roadways. The reality is that you likely encounter them quite often, most times without even realizing they are nearby. Considering the fact that the Centers for Disease Control states that someone in the United States dies every 48 minutes because of drunk driving, and also that one-third of all collisions involve intoxicated drivers, it's easy to understand how likely it is that you have crossed paths with drunk drivers more than once.

The best you can do to lower your risk for injury is to avoid drunk drivers whenever possible. There are several ways to at least increase your chances of doing so. However, even if you place every idea into action, it still may not be enough to avoid injury, because drunk driving accidents often occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

Ways to avoid drunk driving accidents

If you know the typical driving patterns and behaviors of drunk drivers, you may be able to steer clear of them on the road. The following ideas may help you improve your safety and perhaps even save a life:

  • Slow down and approach intersections with great caution. Crossroads are always high-risk areas; however, drunk drivers, especially, often have trouble navigating such areas. If you pay extra close attention to your intersection surroundings, you may be able to avoid collision.
  • As all conscientious drivers do, it's always best to buckle up when you drive. There are laws prohibiting traveling by motor vehicle without proper seat restraint. If you're wearing your seat belt when a drunk driver hits you, it may help reduce the severity of your injuries.
  • If you can help it, don't drive on Texas roads late at night. Drunks often leave bars or other social gatherings after midnight, so your chances of becoming involved in a collision with a drunk driver increase the later it is.
  • If you happen to be out with the person who is drinking, you can offer to be a designated driver to help keep everyone in the vehicle and others on the road safe.

While it's definitely not your job to police drunk drivers, it can certainly up your chances of avoiding injury if you stay alert, obey traffic signs and regulations, and try hard to avoid collision. In the event that a drunk or otherwise impaired driver hits you:

Who can help?

The road to recovery can be extremely challenging and painful, in more ways than one. It may help to speak to someone who has experience coming to the aid of recovering accident victims as they seek recovery for their losses in court.

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