Car crash numbers go up in summer

It's no surprise that car crash numbers go up during the summer when more motorists are on the roads. Since some of the most frequent outcomes of car crashes are traumatic brain injuries, Texas motorists should understand the nature of these conditions. It turns out that TBIs are frequently subject to misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses.

A mild traumatic brain injury is called a concussion, and this can be incurred through any blow or jolt to the head. The symptoms range from loss of cognitive function to exaggerated mood swings to slurred speech. They may appear minutes after the crash or perhaps two or three days later. Medical experts recommend that crash victims get examined right away to reduce the chances of a false diagnosis.

Doctors can determine if a crash victim has had a concussion by testing their memory, word recall, balance, coordination and ability to count backward. If these skills and capacities are diminished, the victim could have either a concussion or TBI. An undiagnosed TBI can have severe consequences, including permanent and irreversible brain damage if the bleeding and swelling are not addressed.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents are also encouraged to monitor their symptoms. This can be helpful if the time comes to file an accident claim; still, victims will find it hard to file without legal assistance. A lawyer could evaluate the claim and have experts show that the defendant was at fault. Other experts could prove that the victim's injuries are indeed accident related.

The lawyer can then proceed to negotiations with the defendant's auto insurance company. If successful, the victim could be reimbursed for medical expenses, vehicle damage and any wages lost during the physical recovery. The lawyer can also litigate as a last resort.

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